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and hydrophobic


Belcura provides optimal hydration in case of dry and irritated skin. By combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic nourishing agents Belcura offers two modes of moisturizing.

Very potent hydrophilic substances like Lactate and Glycerin absorb water molecules and provide the skin with natural moisture.


water loss

Hydrophobic lipids form a protective film on the skin surface which minimizes the evaporation of valuable moisture. This prevents a trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and allows the skin to quickly rebuild its natural barrier.

dry skin
and skin structure

Belcura also contains
Ceramides III and L(+)-Lactic Acid which strengthen the stability of the lipid barrier. This raises the level of moisture in the skin which in turn increases the overall elasticity and resistance of the skin. Furthermore, Ceramides III support the natural growth of skin cells which helps to restore dry skin and skin structure.