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effect on
irritated skin

MicroSilver has a dual effect on irritated skin.
It provides anti-irritation action which calms and rejuvenates the skin while repairing skin structure. On top of that, its anti-bacterial properties make it cope with the whole spectrum of germs yet without permanently interfering with the natural skin flora. MicroSilver thus interrupts the irritation cycle by which germs on the skin surface tend to provoke a reaction, time and again.


of high-purity

Belcura contains 0.2% of high-purity MicroSilver. The elementary silver molecules are characterized by a special surface structure which took over 15 years to develop at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

at the skin

Importantly, MicroSilver does not penetrate the human skin. The size of MicroSilver molecules makes them solely operate at the skin surface.
In contrast to nano molecules which are much smaller in size, MicroSilver molecules cannot enter the human organism. The use of MicroSilver is therefore absolutely safe which several clinical studies have demonstrated.